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If your student is experiencing issues with their Chromebook, we have staff available to resolve these issues.  Here are the ways to connect with our Help Desk staff:

  1. Call 530-824-7701, ext 3517
  2. Email the help desk at
  3. Drop off times Mondays and Wednesdays 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. at Olive View Gym

Parents will need to provide the following when reaching out to our Help Desk:

  • School
  • Grade
  • Asset tag # on bottom of Chromebook
  • Issue

Please wear face masks when using the drop off service.  All staff will be following safety protocols when obtaining and returning equipment.

No Internet Access Options

We continue to work to provide broadband access to those who do not have any.  In the meantime, students can use a telephone to connect and “hear” the lessons.  This option is free to families and the phone link will be provided by teachers in their zoom lesson notifications.  Please let your school site secretary know if you are lacking internet in your home.

Welcome Parents

Now more than ever, communication between parents/guardians and schools is vitally important to support your child(ren)'s learning environment, access to technology, assignments, and social-emotional health.  We hope that this site provides you with resources to assist you with your child(ren)'s educational journey.

Our Administrators, Teachers, and staff look forward to guiding and teaching your student(s) for the 2020/2021 school year!

2020/21 School Year updates

Monday, September 14, 2020

On Wednesday, September 9, 2020, the Corning Union Elementary School Board approved the CUESD 2020 Reopening Plan.  This plan includes the Tehama County Plan (which was approved by the Tehama County Public Health Director) as well as appendices that relate specifically to Corning Union Elementary School District.  

Distance Learning Graphic

Monday, August 31, 2020

We have received the new regulations “Blue Print for a Safer Economy” from the Governor that provides revised criteria on moving towards in-person learning from distance learning.

The Public Service Announcement from Tehama County Public Health says that Tehama County is in the "purple/widespread" tier.  Case rate and test positivity determine a county’s tier.  As you will see by the attached map that the vast majority of counties in California are in the "purple/widespread" tier.

To return to in-person learning for Corning Elementary, Tehama County must meet and maintain certain criteria for 21 days in order to transition from the "purple/widespread” tier to the “red/substantial” tier.  At that time, if criteria is met and maintained for 2 additional weeks, Tehama schools currently in distance learning should be able to return to in-person learning. 

The soonest CUESD would be able to reopen would be in 5 weeks, assuming Tehama County meets criteria immediately. Any days it does not, increases the time in a tier.

We will continue to monitor Tehama County’s status, which can also be accessed here.   In the meantime, please wear your masks, wash your hands, observe physical distancing, avoid gatherings of any size from different households, and stay home if feeling sick. The fewer the infections, the quicker we can return to in-person learning.

We miss our students and can't wait to have them back!

Update: Monday, August 24, 2020

Tehama County is now on the state Watchlist for COVID. This is due to an increase in COVID cases in Tehama County. We now join over 90% of the school districts in the state in this status. 

Our goal remains to return students in a safe manner to in-person instruction. Being on the state watch list means we must adhere to the state's regulations. Reopening could only occur 14 days after removal from the watch list. We will continue to deliver Distance Learning until we can reopen. 

We will continue to let you know if we receive additional information as to our status. 

Help us reduce numbers of cases in our community by wearing masks, washing hands, and observing physical distancing. 

Update: August 13, 2020

CUESD Board has determined that the start of the 2020-2021 school year all Corning Elementary Schools will be full distance learning for the first 8 weeks of school.  

This decision reflects the community’s concerns about safely returning and the high number of parent requests for Distance learning.

We recognize that this status strongly impacts many families including those who prefer in-person learning at this time and we will continue to work towards a safe and full opening.

Distance learning will be robust, with face-to-face time and effective use of lesson delivery including IReady and our adopted ELA and math curriculum.  Our teachers are training and preparing for full distance learning and Chromebooks will be made available for all students next week. We continue to work to extend internet connectivity throughout our community.

Planning for a safe return to school amid a pandemic has been extremely difficult and the decision to go to full distance learning was not easy, but it was the best option to ensure everyone’s safety.  

We encourage all community members to follow the public health protocols including wearing masks and observing social distancing.  The sooner our numbers go down, the safer people will feel about returning to full, face-to-face instruction.

We all miss seeing our students and know they miss being at school.  Thank you for your continued cooperation and remember to continue to check back for updates.



Our Summer Food Program has officially ended and moving forward only enrolled Corning Elementary students will be able to receive meals through our school meal program.  Meals (breakfast, lunch, snack, and supper) will be provided daily between 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Monday through Friday in a drive-through process at the following schools:

  • Olive View Elementary
  • Woodson Elementary
  • West Street Elementary
  • Rancho Tehama Elementary

Meal Updates:

  • Families will receive meal cards that will be required to pick up meals for each of their enrolled Corning Elementary student.  Please ensure that you bring your cards with you when picking up meals.
  • Corning Elementary School Vans will be delivering meals to rural parts of our district via van routes (routes posted below).  Families living in those areas can get their meals (with meal cards) at those stops.  Check out the time/location of meal delivery in those areas.