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Employee Portal Information and Instructions

Payroll System Info.
Contact Info.
Health & Welfare
Payroll History
Estimate calculations and tax deductions.

Human Resources / Payroll

HR Coordinator

Ann Messmer 

Coordinator Human Resources

(530) 824-7700, 1254

Salary Schedules  7/1/21 - 6/30/22

Kristen pic

Kristen Lacy

Payroll/Acct. II

(530) 824-7700, 1255

Aesop Logo

Aesop / Frontline Substitute System

Report Employee absences, check available substitute jobs.


Leave Language Information

Certificated Leave Summary

Classified Leave Summary

Leave information is also located on the Employee portal where it shows usage and balances. The leaves are updated monthly.  

Remember that PN & PB both come out of your SL. If you do not have a Sick Leave balance then you do not have any PN or PB.

Payroll Information

Certificated - Pay dates 

with summer Pay calculations

Classified - Pay Dates 

with summer Pay calculations

Supplemental Pay Info

Substitute Pay, Regular employees Overtime/Extra pay, Stipends)