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About Accountability, Assessment & Categorical Programs

1312697144615 w235Coordinator: Lynda Patton

Phone:           530.824.7701 ext. 1260

FAX:                530.824.2493


The Office of Accountability, Assessment, and Categorical Programs strives to deliver relevant, accurate, and timely strategic planning, information and research in the areas of student achievement, federal and state accountability, student enrollment and attendance, school utilization and program evaluation.  By doing so I hope to positively impact the learning environment and academic achievement of all CUESD students. 

Students are our primary focus here at CUESD.  However, your child must be AT SCHOOL in order to learn, and not fall behind his/her classmates.  Also, absences for any reason cost Corning Elementary funding, and put our available educational programs such as Music and Art at risk.  Please send your student to school every day.  If he/she needs to be absent, ask to pick up your student's school/home work.  Independent Study is also available if your student will be out of school between 5 to 20 school days.  

District Demographics

1 School ~ Kindergarten - 6th Grade

2 Schools ~ Kindergarten - 5th Grade

1 School ~ Kindergarten - 8th Grade

1 Middle School ~ 7th & 8th Grades

1 School with-in a School ~ 6th & 7th Grades

1 Community Day School ~ Kindergarten - 8th Grade

Administration & Staff

1 Superintendent

1 Assistant Superintendent

4 Principals

3 Assistant Principals

1 Chief Business Official

2 Psychologists

2 Counselors

1 District-wide Nurse

4 Health Aides

2 Curriculum Support Providers

4 District-wide Supervisors/Coordinators

108 Teachers

101 Other Classified Employees