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After School Program SERRF

What is SERRF?

Safe Education and Recreation for Rural Families

The SERRF Expanded Learning Program is committed to stimulating student learning through the application of the following research-based principles that are aligned with Common Core Standards and reflected in our after-school and summer programming:

  • Learning is Active
  • Learning is Collaborative
  • Learning is Meaningful
  • Learning Supports Mastery
  • Learning Expands Horizons

Additionally, in collaboration with the Tehama County Department of Education, we are an official “No Excuses University” participant. Through this affiliation, we have established high expectations for student achievement and promote the importance of college and career readiness for all of our Tehama County youth.

SERRF serves all twenty-five Tehama County elementary and middle schools, including small, isolated rural school sites and provides 1800 kindergarten through eighth-grade students instruction in academics, enrichment, and recreation in coordination with schools to support the California Student Learning Standards.

In addition to other honors received, the SERRF Expanded Learning Program was prestigiously selected by California Department of Education to serve as a “California After School Demonstration Program,” one of nine in the state of California.

Now celebrating 20 years, board members, educators, parents, students, and community members see the Tehama County SERRF program as a vital element in maintaining the continual academic, social and emotional improvement of children in our county.

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SERRF 2021/22 Registration Information

More information about  2021/22 SERRF can be found here: