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Shawnee Flournoy

(530) 824-7700, ext. 1255



Employee portal

Employee Portal Information and Instructions

Payroll System information - Contact Info., Assignments, Leaves, Health & Welfare, Payroll history, Estimate calculations and tax deductions.

Salary Schedules  7/1/17 - 6/30/19

Payroll Information

Certificated - Pay dates 
with summer Pay calculations
Classified - Pay Dates 
with summer Pay calculations
Supplemental Pay Info  Substitute Pay, Regular employees Overtime/Extra pay, Stipends)

Leaves / Absences

Leave Language Information




AESOP/Frontline Login 

-report employee absences, check available substitute jobs.
Leave information is also located on the Employee portal where it shows usage and balances. The leaves are updated monthly. 
Remember that PN & PB both come out of your Sick Leave bank. If you do not have a SL balance then you do not have any PN or PB.
  1. PN absences will be        printed 2 times (PN & SL)
  2. PB absences will be printed 3 times (PB, PN & SL)