Determining which school boundary you live in ~

Corning Union Elementary School District is comprised of five schools and one alternative education school.  All schools are grades K - 6 with the exception of Woodson (K-8) and Maywood (7 & 8 only). 


To determine the school boundaries in which you live, click here.  (Please note: Yellow = West Street; Green = Olive View; Purple = Woodson; Rancho Tehama = tan; Maywood encompasses the entire district, grades 7 & 8 only) .  A thumbnail view of the City of Corning can be viewed here (Note: Rancho Tehama not viewable on this map).  

District and/or School Transfer Request Forms & Information

Inter-District Request Form (English / Spanish)
(use when requesting a school outside the Corning Elementary District, for example ~ From Corning Elementary to Red Bluff Elementary)

Intra-District Request Form (English / Spanish)
(use when requesting a different school inside the Corning Elementary District, for example ~ Woodson Elementary to Olive View Elementary)


Enrollment Forms

When enrolling your child for school in the Corning Elementary School District, you must provide documentation verifying your current address.  Instructions on verifying your address and other required forms are as follows:

If you are enrolling your student in Kindergarten, you will also need to take a copy of your child's immunization record and an original birth certificate.


Use the following form if you are a caregiver or legal guardian of a child living with you:


Do you have questions on your child's Kindergarten readiness and need information on what you need to enroll a Kindergarten student?  You can find that information here.

Teacher Request Forms

To request a specific teacher for the next school year, complete the Teacher Request Form (English / Spanish).  

(NOTE:  This form will only be accepted between May 1st and May 15th of each year (If May 15th falls on a weekend, the Friday or Monday that falls closest to the 15th will be the last acceptance day).  

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