Learn while having FUN!

Math-Play - Includes both math games and printable worksheets for elementary and middle school.  Interactive games include fractions, algebra, geometry, money, elementary and middle school.

TenMarks - This is a K-12 math curriculum site based on practice, instruction, assessment and intervention.  

Common Core Conversation - This is a free site that offers resources, lessons and teaching strategies.  Resources include math, English, science, social studies and other subjects.

Ginger Software - (Use with Google Chrome) - This website is a must have for students who need proofreading when writing documents.  Many other options are offered for free within the site.  

Parent Education and Resource Information

Resources to help you and your child deal with a traumatic event

For Your Information!

Following are some commonly used abbreviations in education:
AB ~ Assembly Bill
ADA ~ Average Daily Allowance
AR ~ Administrative Regulation
BCLAD ~ Bilingual Cross Cultural Language & Academic Development Certificate
CBEDS ~ California Basic Educational Data System
CCR ~ Coordinated Compliance Review
CDE ~ California Department of Education
CLAD ~ Cross Cultural Language & Academic Development Certificate
DLAC ~ District Language Advisory Committee
ELD ~ English Language Development 
ESL ~ English as a Second Language
FEP ~ Fluent English Proficient
FTP ~ Full Time Equivalent
GPA ~ Grade Point Average
IEP ~ Individualized Education Plan (for Special Education Students)
LEA ~ Local Education Agency
PQR ~ Program Quality Review
RSP ~ Resource Specialist Program
SARB ~ School Attendance Review Board
SELPA ~ Special Education Local Plan Area
SSC ~ School Site Council
SST ~ Student Study Team